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September 28, 2016

  1. Introductions: Name, year, favorite taco flavor
    1. Attendance taken in spreadsheet
  2. Luis/Mariana: Reaching out to alumni for profiles on NAHJNU website
    1. Going to make a Google form to sign up
    2. Mariana going to pre-write an email to send out
  3. Alex: Pilsen food crawl
    1. Meeting at the Arch on October 8 at 11am
    2. Contact Mariana and Luis to RSVP
  4. Bloomberg newsroom visit next Wednesday (hosted by Medill)
    1. RSVP by September 29th, submitting resume optional
    2. Link to RSVP:
  5. DePaul Latino journalism celebration: ask Luis for dates
    1. DePaul journalists meet and greet
    2. Celebration of Dolores Huerta breakfast (Maria Hinojosa is going to be there!)
  6. Promotional video
    1. Axel is going to work on it! Broadcast star!!
    2. Need to reshoot interviews (video got messed up)
  7. Membership dues: who has paid
    1. Explanation of why dues are important!
    2. Link to membership:
    3. Natalie: follow up with Jakob, Paola, Elly
  8. Dia de los Muertos celebrating?
    1. Celebration at the Mexican Art Museum
    2. Stay tuned for more
  9. Trying to win Chapter of the Year Award!!
    1. Post everything NAHJ-related on the website with a picture! Do it!
    2. Boost up the student work section
      1. Talk to exec members if you have work you want to post; we’re trying to get more people’s stuff up!


In attendance:
Luis Sanchez- senior
Rita Oceguera- junior
Nico Rivero- junior
Jacob Lazzaro- freshman
Alex Muller- sophomore
Isabella Soto- sophomore
Elly Rivera- freshman
Axel Boada- senior
Mariana Alfaro- junior
Paola de Varona- freshman